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Bespoke Software Development

Build flexible and reliable applications that suits you.

Streamline areas of your business with automation or create full blown CRM & ERP systems to give your customers the best possible experience and drive your business forward.

We think outside of the box to solve your problems, we love a good challenge.

.NET Desktop Applications & Services

Fast and powerfull applications that run directly on your desktop:

  • Data Integration Services, pushing & pulling system to system
  • Monitoring services & alerts
  • Bespoke Data Loading GUI applications
  • Office & Document automation

ASP.NET Web Applications

Secure and Accessible webistes that can be accessed on nearly any device with a web browser.

  • Data Statistics and Dashboards
  • Custom Calculator
  • Tailored CRM & ERP Systems
  • Office & Document automation

Office Plugins & Macros

Customised buttons and applications that run directly in Microsoft Office

  • Integrate office functionality with almost any other system
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Translate & Structure data fast and easily
  • Conform Office to your requirements

Data Services

Your data is one of the most important assets in your business, make the most of your current dataset with our support.

Data Quality

Assess & Improve your data to better suit your process and goals.


Assess & secure data access rights of your users & supporting applications to minimise the risk of a data breach.

Governance & Policing

Maintain high level of data quality to support and promote the effectiveness of your key systems.

Transform & Migrate

Restructure your data into new formats to work with your new systems & processes

Data Matching

Match your data against itself or any other source for validation, duplication checks or integration to key business systems.

Analysis & Reporting

Automate complex reporting tools to give your users insight on your data.


Database design, creation, maintenance and improvements for any supporting infrastructure such as SQL or Oracle.

Data Cleansing

Analyse, categorise and cleanse your current data to standardise and enrich potential


Optimize your database structure for best performance and usability.

Application & Desktop Security

Is your application secure? are you sure?

We work with some top pentesters to secure and minimise risk in all bespoke software projects, rest assured that security is always on our mind when designing your software and we will always do our absolute best to work with your security requirements.

App Code Review

Review & understand if best practises have been used to best suit your requirements.

Vulnerabilities Scan

Scan your applications for known vulnerabilities to minimise risk of exploitation.

Reverse Engineering

Pop the hood of your current applications to understand how things work.

Penetration Testing

Lets see if we can get into your application and identify key exploits.


Lock down & investigate applications or entire machines for signs of data breaches or missuse.